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Hi we are Mark Garner and Dominique Gerrett, we live in the UK and for the last 7 years I have been on our own personal journey to becoming our own bosses and leaving the Rat Race behind me.

My journey to becoming my own boss and building my own business started about 12 years ago while working for a major house builder selling New Build Homes, I happened to stumble across an advert on the internet for some audio cassette tapes by a guy called Robert Kiyosaki who some of you may know better as the guy from the Richdad Company.

When they first arrived for the next 6 months or so they spent there time hidden away on top of the wardrobe gathering dust, until one day while having a clear out I pulled them down off the wardrobe, held them in my hand and was contemplating throwing them away in the bin but something stopped me from getting rid of them.

For some time before that day I had been telling myself there must be more to life than getting up at the same time for 5 days a week, getting ready and going off to work to earn some other guy a lot of money, don’t get me wrong I was earning a very good wage with the commissions I was earning but that was not enough for me.

However I had no idea of how to start or run a business, or any idea as to what business I should go into.  So having finished up with my clear out I sat down with a nice cold can of beer and pressed play on my cassette tape player, I sat there for what must have been about 4 Hours playing tape after tape until I had finished them all.

“WOW, my mind had been blown away.”

What I had listened to on those tapes was some of the most powerful and meaningful advice I had ever heard, why could I have not been taught this while still in school, my life could have been so much better and i would have paid a lot more attention to what the teachers were trying to teach me.

So my journey began, buying more audio books from Richdad as well as paperback books, I hated reading at school yet I could not put these books down as I needed to advance my financial education as quickly as I could so i could quit my job and become my own boss.

The journey has not been easy and at times I have felt like throwing in the towel and going back in to a sales job, as I know I can always earn very good money but here I am still building my businesses.  There are various ways you can start your own business, you could start part time in your spare time or you can throw yourself in at the deep end and go full time.

I decided to get a part time job as a delivery driver for a local pizza company while I was trying to grow my customer base and build my driving school business.  It was not easy for the first year and I did have to use some of my savings to fund the business for that 1st year, as it stands today I have built up a successful and respected business in my local area and are currently looking for other driving instructors to come on board as franchisees as I can not keep up with demand.

There are faster and cheaper ways of starting a business than the direction that I have taken, as we are now in the age of information and setting up a business online is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to get started.

So thats my story so far and this site is dedicated to helping others who share the same goals and dreams of making a better life for themselves and there family.

Feel free to leave any comments below and ask me any questions that you may have.

Mark & Dom.


  • Erhan

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    Hey Mark I HOPE u replay to this comment! i want to ask you some questions about affiliate marketing if it’s not a problem! and help me with some things. I hope u like helping me and are interested.



    • admin

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      Hi Erhan, its mark here, What ever questions you have about affiliate marketing I’m here to help you out. Just post your questions below and i will do my very best to help you understand any thing that you are not sure about.

      Kind Regards,


  • “Get out The Rat Race”…Like your style and a Super Site. It communicates very well. You really do hate working for someone else. You have a very good start going here….. You make a very good case of just why you would want to walk for yourself…. If nothing else you can determine your own Future. Again Good On You, Your have a Shit Hot site. GBC 0041032115

    • Hi GBC. Thanks for the kind comments, I beleive that we all need to take ownership of our own lives and not just sit around waiting to retire to live off the state or a small pension plan. If we all act at the right age any think is possible.

  • I like your site. Its clean and functional looking.I like what you are doing.When i started working years ago the internet didn’t exist. I didn’t want to work for anyone else either. I started my own business at 24 years old and worked for myself for 30 years.I can see so many opportunities for people to make money on the internet. Your site helps them do that. Anyone is crazy not to give it go.
    Cheers and good luck

    • Hi Bruce, thanks for your kind comments. You are very right, the internet is a big place and there are many opportunities for anyone who sets their mind to it to be able to create an online business and become financially free.

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